wsend is a command line tool and associated website / webservice that allows you to quickly and easily send files. You wsend a file and you get a URL. wsend - the opposite of wget

codestagram is a fun unique way to share code snippets. You can apply filters to your code, select a language, and share it or embed it in your blog. Sign in with your github account today.

mashrd is a real-time news site that was built with Node.js and for websocket communication. It displays the top stories right now using likes, tweets, and pluses. Mashrd - Real-time News Now. is a product listings and ratings website. Users submit their favorite products, vote on them, and the top products make it to the front page. Users can also vote on products they like and keep a record of it, like an online wishlist that is not tied to any particular site or online merchant.

The social network for people you actually know in real life.
We offer: Security with AES 256 bit encryption. Privacy because there are no public profiles. Interact with you're true friends only, we ask independent verification questions. Plenty of space with 5 Gigabytes for basic accounts which are Completely Free. We don't collect email addresses and no email address is required to sign up. Simple sharing for photos and attachments from anywhere. Streaming with HTML5.

At votecast we discuss a few of the things that have to do with the social, user generated, product listing and ratings website
We talk about are products we find in the wild,’s product of the week, sponsors, emails, and we end with a confessional, something that we needed to get off our chest and reveal to the viewers.